Rebecca Douros

Claim Your Personal Power



Living a life that I love, where I wake up and go to bed with a genuine smile on my face, knowing my purpose, is truly a dream come true — but it wasn’t always this way.

For years I was living the picture-perfect life on the outside, yet feeling empty on the inside. Instead of popping Prozac, I packed my bags for Paris, where my Eat, Pray, Love journey helped me step into my most authentic self.

No more status quo. No more living on hopes and dreams.

Through my work, I became a Transformational Life Coach, helping women find and pursue their passion, so they can live a meaningful life that they love. I show women how to step into their personal power to live a life like no other.

I am creating this signature course to give motivated women the tools they need to start living a meaningful, confident life today.

The course includes ten modules focused on living an authentic life free of fear, self-doubt, and limitations and full of self-awareness, self -are, personal alignment, and confidence. 


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