Rebecca Douros

Claim Your Confident,
Courageous Life!



How many times have you tried to make changes in your life — be it relationships, career, finances, or health & well-being — yet despite your best intentions and efforts you’ve ended up right back where you started?

This is an all-too-common cycle, and it’s not your fault. It’s not until we tap into the identity of who we are, the inner beliefs we hold in our subconscious mind, that real, lasting transformation can occur in our lives. But if you’re like many women, you weren’t taught how to do this. You may be wondering where to even begin this journey, and that’s where my one-on-one coaching program can help.

This signature private coaching program was developed for the motivated woman desiring a more fulfilled and meaningful life — the woman who’s ready for transformation that lasts.

It’s time to find the clarity you’re craving and walk confidently toward your dreams! Schedule your 1-hour Complimentary Coaching Session below to begin to transform your life.


How would it feel to reclaim the MOST authentic and BEST version of yourself?

  • To be EXCITED about the opportunities ahead of you?

  • To feel CONNECTED to your true dreams and desires?

  • To have the SPACE for self-care and self-exploration?

  • To be FREE from worry or anxiety about others’ opinions?

  • To feel the weight of the world lifting off your shoulders and sense every new moment as a divine GIFT?



I’m Rebecca Douros, and my passion is helping women find their purpose.


I know firsthand how the obligations and responsibilities of life can cause you to lose touch with your inner spark.

You go through the motions, do ALL the activities (kids’ hockey games, volunteer work, board meetings, etc.), and bit by bit, you lose what lights YOU up.

And as you give away little pieces of yourself to everyone around you, you’re actually holding back your BEST gifts — the ones that can truly impact the world!

You can only fulfill your purpose and calling when you’re honoring and loving yourself FIRST.

I know, I know. It sounds a little selfish, right?! But there’s a reason that the airlines tell you to put on YOUR oxygen mask first.

You can only be great for those around you when you’re tuned in to your true desires, dreams, goals, and aspirations.

For me, the moment of clarity came during a solo trip to Paris. Leaving my kids and husband to spend a much needed week of reflection in the City of Lights, I realized that in trying to be the perfect wife, ideal employee, and best mom ever, I’d abandoned the things that made me truly ME!

Which meant that my kids, my husband, and my co-workers weren’t getting the best contributions I could make to their lives.


And I vowed to change — right then and there!

This led to some difficult, courageous decisions — like the acceptance that my first marriage was destined to morph into a separation and, with time and healing, a beautiful friendship.

Now, while honoring myself,

I’m living out my true purpose in helping other women achieve the same peace, freedom, fulfillment, and joie de vivre that I know is possible!

I came to Rebecca to work through some deeper issues that have kept me stuck for years. I just kept putting it off, focusing on everyone else. Five sessions in, I can’t believe how my thoughts and confidence have shifted. I feel this incredible weight lifted already. Relationships around me are positively shifting, too. I can’t imagine how I will feel at the end of the ten sessions. I am excited. I couldn’t have done it without your mentoring and support. Thank you!
— Christina

You deserve the opportunity to pursue your true passions!


And that requires giving yourself the space to rediscover what those passions are and to experience a transformation from the inside out!


This Program Was Created to Help You Get Clear on Your Dreams and Begin Bringing Them into Reality!

I’ve taken my years of coaching experience and combined it with the world’s leading information on mindset mastery to create a program unlike any other — one that will take you through a deeply transformational process to empower you to become your most authentic, vibrant self!


This 11-Week Transformational Coaching Includes:



You’ll be gifted with a beautiful welcome pack designed to help you get clear on your goals for the program. You’ll complete this prior to our first session to ensure that we maximize every minute of our time together.

Initial Intensive

We’ll spend a full 90 minutes together in our first session laying the foundation for your transformational work during the program. You’ll begin to gain clarity on your true desires and learn how to overcome any limiting beliefs that have been holding you back.

10 Private Coaching Sessions

After your initial intensive, you’ll receive 9 additional 55-minute coaching sessions, each one designed to build on the last and move you forward in every key area of your life. I’ll support you as you continue to chart a path toward your true dreams & desires and teach you strategies to go to a higher level of thinking, getting you off ‘autopilot thinking’ — which will significantly impact your life and all the lives around you in a positive way. You’ll learn to create and reprogram your subconscious mind at the core level, working from the inside out to ensure that this change is lasting and real.

You’ll learn to BE the person you most desire to be, so that you can DO the things you dream of doing and HAVE the things you long to have.

All calls take place on Zoom and are recorded for your future reference.

Private Email Access

You’ll have premium access to me during our ten weeks together. Ask me anything that comes up between sessions, and receive a guaranteed response within two business days.

Curated Resources

Although this program follows a set structure (details on all program modules are below), it is completely personalized for your individual needs. You’ll receive recommendations for additional resources tailored to your specific desires during our coaching together, including books, articles, and videos.

Rebecca brought back happiness, motivation, and excitement into my life. I have momentum and I am happy with my path. I am living a fulfilled, authentic life. It feels so great! I will definitely work with Rebecca in the near future, whether as a mentor or even an accountability coach, as I believe in her process!
— Danielle

It's time to escape the overwhelm, stop the negative self-talk, and break free of your inner limitations. 


The foundation for your transformational work starts with your relationship with your thoughts — your mindset — and then dives even deeper with your inner beliefs — your identity. You’ll gain the clarity you need to take your thinking to an entirely different level. Together, we’ll continue your coaching journey with a personalized roadmap specific to your needs that will help you


Claim Your Courageous, Confident Life!


Topics Include:

Clarity & Vision Work 

Bring the focus on the things that truly light you up from your core!

We’ll spend time delving into your passions, which will bring you directly to your purpose. Create your powerful purpose statement, bringing new clarity to your ideas, goals, and dreams in the important areas of your life. Without clarity, we have overwhelm. Without clarity, we have slow progress. Get ready to speed up your timeline to success and let yourself dream without limits.

Self-Awareness & Your Authentic Self

Discover your unique Navigating System.

Honor WHO you are so you can live with true personal integrity. Discover the KEY concept of the BE. DO. HAVE. philosophy, create your personal mission statement, and unlock your CORE drive and CORE values — powerful tools for significant self-awareness!

Using the Law of Attraction to Create Your Personal Power

Learn how to use one of the most powerful Universal Laws to attract what you desire in your life.

We will even dig a little deeper to ensure your identity matches your behaviors, stopping the fight between the conscious mind and the subconscious mind — this is where real "flow" will begin to take place in your life.

Fears & Limiting Beliefs

Say goodbye to fear.

You’ll learn to release the limiting beliefs that have been holding you back, and face your fears as you move confidently and courageously toward your bright future! I’ll share specific exercises to keep you strong and secure, despite the challenges you may face as you uplevel your lifestyle.  


You must release the OLD to make space for the NEW!

Learn to create the space you need to bring your new vision for life into reality! You’ll declutter not only the physical junk, but also the mental and emotional excess that’s been keeping you tied up. Learn to stop reacting and start responding, which will bring you more calm and greater joy.

It All Starts with Your Commitment

Figure out what you should be committed to.

When you don’t know what you’re committed to, you are often in chaos, committing to all kinds of things that do not serve you or the life you dream of. Let’s get super clear, so that "flow" can start to happen.



Your self-care is CRUCIAL for your physical, emotional, and mental well-being. It deserves your focus and attention. We’re covering exactly how you can honor your need for rest and relaxation. Honor yourself by showing up at your best each and every day!



Plus! Receive These Powerful Bonuses:


Membership to Oprah & Deepak’s 21-Day Meditation Experience:

Meditation is one of the most powerful tools to quickly move you toward your authentic self. Enjoy daily guided meditations with your complimentary membership to this easy-to-use app.

Gift Bundle:

I love giving presents, and my clients are like valued family members to me! Upon your enrollment in the program, you’ll receive a beautiful journal and additional gifts to welcome you into your coaching experience.


Total Investment: $3000 CND

Or three monthly installments of $1166. CND


Ready to Step into Your Authentic Self?

Schedule your complimentary 30-minute discovery call to begin transforming your life!




This program sounds amazing, but I’m really busy. I’ve got a lot of responsibilities, and I’m wondering if I’ll have time to implement the things I learn through the coaching?

This is a great question! If you’re already feeling pressed for time, do you really think things will get better if you don’t take action to prioritize YOURSELF within your schedule? This coaching package is your opportunity to draw a line in the sand and claim your worth in your own life. This time is a gift that will bring an invaluable return on investment for decades upon decades. And this work will help you show up more authentically for your loved ones. If you’re feeling stressed about time, that’s a great indicator that this program is JUST what you need!


I’ve invested in coaching before, and it didn’t really move me forward. How is your program different?

This program is based around scientifically proven mindset principles. We’re going to help you take control of your thoughts and beliefs, which, in turn, will empower you to take the actions that will set your life on a purposeful path.  This isn’t talk therapy. This is powerful, private coaching designed to catapult you toward your deepest dreams and desires.


I can see the value, but the price is holding me back. Do you offer payment plans?

Absolutely! I designed this program with multiple payment options so that you can choose the investment level that feels most supportive to you! Don’t let money hold you back from pursuing your dreams. In actuality, your belief about whether you can afford this coaching is something that can be shifted through the coaching itself! Your investment in this program is a signal to the world that you’re owning your worth and value. Once you take the initial step to invest, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to see how things begin to flow more freely!


Do you offer refunds?

No. I only work with highly committed, dedicated women who are determined to do the work to find their authentic selves. When you enroll in this program, we are energetically committing to each other. I’m giving you a spot that another woman could have held, so once the commitment is made, it’s made.


I didn’t see my question listed! Can you help me?

Of course! Just send an email to with your question, and someone from my team will respond to you within two business days. We are here for you.