Module Breakdown

Each Week of the Program is Specifically Designed to Move You Toward Your TRUE Self!


Module One:

Assessment Review & Higher Level Thinking

The foundation for your transformational work starts with your relationship with your thoughts. You’ll gain the clarity to take your thinking to a whole different level. Time to stop the overwhelm, self-talk and limitations. Get off autopilot, banish bad habits, and move into a higher level of thinking to create your Abundance Within.


Module Two:

Soul-Satisfying Self-Care

HIGHER LEVEL THINKING for HIGHER LEVEL LIVING all starts with Self Care! Your self-care is CRUCIAL for your physical, emotional and mental well-being. It deserves your focus and attention. We’re covering exactly how you can honour your needs for rest and relaxation. Honour yourself to show up at your best each and every day!


Module three:

Clarifying your Passions & Desires from Your Core Vision

Bring the focus upon the things that truly light you up from your deep core! During this week, we’ll spend time delving into your passions, which will bring you directly to your purpose. You’ll create your Powerful Purpose statement, bringing new clarity to your ideals, goals and dreams in the important areas of your life.  Without clarity we have overwhelm. Without clarity we have slow progress. Get ready to speed up your timeline to success and let yourself dream without limits.


Module Four:

Work on Your Authentic Self. Drop the stories!

During our fourth session, you’ll discover your unique Navigating System. Honour WHO you are so you can live with true personal integrity. Discover the KEY concept of the BE. DO. HAVE. philosophy, create your personal mission statement, and unlock your CORE driver and CORE values. This week brings awesome self-awareness!


Module Five:

Halfway Point

Time to check in, and go deeper on areas where you’re not in ‘flow.’ Review the anchors we’ve established in prior modules to stay on track toward your big vision.


Module Six:

Your Commitment as you Navigate through the fears! Get Ready to ‘Release the Brakes!’

During this transformative week, you’ll learn to release the limiting beliefs that have been holding you back and face your fears as you move confidently and courageously toward your bright future! I’ll share specific exercises to keep you strong and secure despite the challenges you may face as you up level your lifestyle.   


Module Seven:

Simplify & Solve Imbalances

You must release the OLD to make space for the NEW! This week you’ll learn to create the space you need to bring your new vision for life into reality!  You’ll de-clutter not just the physical junk, but the mental and emotional excess that’s been keeping you tied up. This week, you’ll learn to stop reacting and start responding, which will bring you more calm and greater joy.


Module Eight:

Self-Integrity & Taking 100%Responsibilities for YOU

Keeping your word and being accountable while taking aligned action (Anna to help Elaborate)


Module Nine:

Interpretations – False Premise

Understand what is stopping you from living a life you love! (Anna to help Elaborate)


Module Ten:

Tying It All Together

We’ll spend the last coaching session confirming that all the techniques, tools, and strategies you’ve learned from our time together have been seamlessly implemented into your new lifestyle.