How to Get Un-Stuck


Amongst the business of life, careers, family and the lists of “To Dos”, I speak with many women living life feeling stuck. They have dreams, they set goals, but all too often they look back over the past few months—or years—and realize they’re no closer to their desired life than when they first set them.

Can you relate? You’re doing a lot, your life is busy and full - you’re running here and there, but there still is this piece of emptiness.

There’s a reason this “stuck-ness” happens and a reason why so many people (in the past, that included me, too!) find themselves just spinning their wheels… 

Here’s the thing, though—it’s not your fault! I know you have good intentions. I know you want to fully live out your desired life. This “stuck-ness” is rooted at the subconscious level, the level where your identity lives—where your autopilot keeps you stuck in old habits, beliefs and patterns, ones formed through years of conditioning and programming. And since many of us haven’t learned how to address these old habits and beliefs, we stay stuck in the same patterns, not making the progress we so deeply crave.  

The good news? There IS a way you can change those old habits, beliefs and patterns… 

Instead of simply setting awesome goals & dreams that will most likely keep disappointing you when they don’t happen, (not your fault—remember, it has to do with how you’ve been wired in your formative years or through other life experiences), the key is to begin to look at your life from the inside, out!

This is exactly what I did that allowed me to change the course of my entire life, and how I help my clients too.

Let’s start with this identity piece. Who you are BEing? Who do you want to BE?  And then we work through the deep-seated beliefs, so ultimately you become aligned with your subconscious identity...

It’s not magic, it’s not difficult, it just takes understanding, commitment and effort.

Think about it...

How much would it change your life to achieve anything you set your mind to, to finally overcome the things that have been preventing you from taking life to the next level?

It would MASSIVELY change your life.

Here’s how to begin:

  1. Write down a goal or dream you’d like to achieve over the next few weeks or months.

  2. Now determine what characteristics you need to achieve it. Example: Courageous, confident, patient, kind, committed, disciplined, happy, energetic, etc…

  3. Define what each characteristic means to you in order to reach your goal/dream. Example: Being courageous means to me that I need to show up even when fearful.

  4. Next, your only job these next few weeks as life is happening is to BE that/those characteristics and DO activities/behaviours that match the characteristic(s).


1/ Determine your Goal/dream/vision: these next two weeks, which tend to be busier than usual, I want to be fueled with energy, happiness and fun (versus letting stress take over and complaining about how I’m overwhelmed).  

2/ The characteristics I need are: disciplined and happy.

3/ Define what your characteristics means to you: “BEing disciplined” means to me that I need to sleep 8 hours a night, drink 32 oz of water daily, eat 3 meals accordingly, limit alcohol and exercise daily. “BEing happy” means to me that I’ll smile, be positive, don’t assume, always look for gratitude and life lessons regardless of whose company I am in—even people who play the victim role.

4/ And then, of course, this next step is all about putting it into practice!

This process, my friend, is how we begin to change at the subconscious level—the identity level—from the inside out. 

In order to be the type of people we want to be and to live the lives we want to live, we first must consistently embrace the characteristic(s) which will rewire and reshape us at the identity level.

After all, anything we want to master in life is through repetition!

So, I encourage you to start here today to make change for tomorrow and truly begin to finally see progress towards those big dreams of yours — and to create a life you love, starting from the inside out!