How to Experience More Fulfillment by the End of the Year

tea and flowers

I’ve been excited to get back to my office lately…as much as I’ve loved the opportunity to design and renovate our new home (check out our progress here, if you’re curious), the whirlwind of moving from place to place and the busyness of it all has me feeling grateful to be settling back into a feeling of normalcy. 😉 

This is now a time of “clearing the agenda to only spend time in reflection and planning mode for the rest of the year”. (Ok, maybe I need a better name for it...but you get the idea!) 

Ohhh how I LOVE the planning part—letting my creative brain take over and getting super excited about all the awesome possibilities! But the truth is, I didn’t always love this practice. I remember there were many years when times like these became overwhelming, discouraging, and super frustrating for me because in those moments I realized that such a small percentage—or sometimes none—of my plans, goals or dreams had actually happened! YIKES! 

But, thankfully, after years of this, I hit a wall—I realized I couldn’t keep living the same, unsatisfying life year after year... 

I made the decision then and there that I would NEVER live the same year over again—period. And thankfully, I haven’t!

Now that 2019 is more than halfway over, maybe you’re still thinking about how to accomplish what you want and feel the way you really want to feel by the end of the year — and wondering how you’re going to make sure you don’t repeat old patterns.

How can you finally DO IT RIGHT and feel the fulfillment you crave?

It starts with taking action, and it's through action that we discover clarity. 

Read that over! It starts with taking action, and it's through action that we discover clarity. Often we’re looking for the crystal ball to just tell us what’s our purpose or what we should do... 


We think if we just had X, Y, Z then we’d wake up one morning and life would finally all make sense. But, no, that’s not how it works… 

It’s through taking action that we get clearer on what we want, where we want to go and what we deeply desire. So, start today by taking some small action — and if you don’t know where to start, start by writing what I call your Legacy Speech

Yup, you heard me right, legacy speech. It’s always a fun exercise people love to do, but maybe you’re wondering what that is. Well, here’s the scoop... 

Imagine this: It’s your 100th birthday and your BFF is giving a heartfelt speech and you’re going to be honoured for living a meaningful, fulfilling and joyful life. How do you want people to remember you? What is the legacy you want? Write in 3rd person, as if someone had written it for you...and remember to include your top passions as well as other accomplishments in life, including: 

  • Family & friends you loved! 

  • People you empowered! 

  • Opportunities you took! 

  • Missions you accomplished! 

  • Places you travelled! 

  • Passions you embraced! 

  • Unique gifts you shared! 

  • Hobbies you enjoyed! 

Spoiler alert! The more you write, the more clarity you’ll get. 😉 Writing your legacy speech is a great starting point to get you closer to your true, innate desires...

Yet, the majority of people spend only a nanosecond on clarity and visioning. But guess what, our life is an extension of our vision, so it’s important to spend the time on this if you want to create the kind of fulfilling life that you crave.

I encourage you to find some protected time at a favorite place to think and write your legacy story to help you gain clarity for the months remaining this year.

You CAN still create the year—and the life—that you truly desire! 

Cheers to never living the same year over,

Rebecca xx