The Messy Gifts of Life


After four months of working her butt off, Amy was handed the “thank you very much for your services; effective today your position is no longer required” letter.

Not totally surprised, Amy knew the fit really wasn’t there – these four months had pushed her to her limits – she had no personal life, missing family functions, date nights with her hubby, long evening bike rides, weekend get-a-ways with friends, coffee dates, oh yeah, and forget yoga – her work life was 24-7, late nights, early mornings and weekends. Exhaustion and resentment kicked in around week three.

Amy had taken that challenging position to try something new – wanting to expand her skills and broaden her horizon, she’d been six years at her previous corporate job and knew there wasn’t more room for growth. It was time to move on.

When Amy contacted me, she was distraught and felt like she failed. She had a lot of shame around her story and was really confused about what was next. She questioned if she even had any desires. Everything felt heavy.

“I knew I should have kept my 6-year stable, yet boring job. I would never be in this position – I could do that job with my eyes closed.  Shit, now my mind is spinning…everything I planned for in the next few years, including expanding my family is out the window – what a mess, all because I decided I needed a change….”

Or does it have to be a mess…could it actually be the greatest gift?

Not even knowingly, we often give a negative meaning to something we can’t control. Yet, if we’re aware that nothing has meaning until the meaning we give it, then we can completely change our internal dialogue and shift our thinking to something positive. After all, our inner state is a direct reflection of what we create in our outer world – what’s all around us.

Amy got clear that a lot of her inner dialogue and thoughts were coming from her beliefs – fear around judgement – what people think, fear of failure, and the belief of I am not good enough.

She started to be aware of her thoughts and reframed them as she shifted into gratitude mode, which helped lift a huge weight off her shoulders, practically instantly.

Amy smiled and laughed, and immediately stopped the anxious nail biting, arm crossing and knee tapping as she worked through her old negative beliefs, patterns and stories…

She started to feel like herself again, finally!

Having her life back today, Amy is enjoying her intentional morning routine of meditation, yoga and healthy, nurturing breakfasts with her family…

She loves her weekday evening lobster dinners with her hubby and friends, and she’s now scheduling in time for self care – something she’s never even thought about in the past (well besides the very occasional massage).   

Amy is working with a Life Coach (yup, that’s me J  – I am so honoured to be by her side) as she’s learning to manage a relationship with her thoughts while gaining clarity on her desires so she can have more meaning and purpose in her life.

You can find her sitting in the back yard reading her Brenè Brown book, journaling and reflecting as she sips on an afternoon cup of tea…

Her greatest gift is finally trusting herself and the universe that everything is always working for her…

She loves watching life slowing down, being present and realizing all the bumps along the way are there for a reason…

She’s learning how to show up in her relationships, in her interviews, and in all areas of her life, with no expectations of an outcome. She’s focusing on BEING happy, BEING authentic and BEING connected

Because she knows all too well that when you show up and BE, the rest will follow.

Next week Amy starts her dream job – a position that will challenge and fulfill her. She knows she’s enough, she doesn’t fear judgement, and she has a completely different internal state that has given her the freedom to love each step along the way…

The waiting.

The meantime.

The in-between.

It all serves a purpose.

Trust your process

Even the delays and detours.

– Jay Shetty

Here’s to more messy greatest gifts! <3

xx Rebecca