The Power of Believing

I often remind my children about the power of believing....Believing in themselves! Even as adults we can struggle with this.... It really is a matter of choice to believe or, next time you question yourself....  Keep Believing in the Things You want to Come True!'ll see. It will all be worth it. All the hopes, all the dreams. The sacrifices. The courage. All the hard work. All of it will turn out to be abundantly worthwhile.

Someday you'll open the door on a brand-new day and be rewarded with everything working out just the way you wanted it to. So never stop believing in the things you want to come true.

Just start by taking one step in the right direction. Then another. And if you have faith and the will to continue on, do you know what you'll discover?

How capable you are, how amazing you can be, and how patience and belief can lead to some very meaningful things and some very lasting gifts.

Someday, you'll see. It will all be worth it. - Chris Gallatin.

I chose to believe in love again....It's truly amazing! What do you choose to believe in today? 

(collage compliments of my daughter)

HUGS! Rebecca