2015 Creating YOU!

Have you started setting your goals for 2015? Maybe you want to start a business? Move to a different city for work, for love, or just for a change? Change careers? Leave or start a relationship? The ideas are endless!

For me, I'd love to: 1. Launch "Phase 2" of my business and double my income! 2. Start a foundation for children in China! 3. Have the BEST healthy body! 4. Have great progress with writing my book!

Whatever your goals or dreams, you have to schedule it in or else you won't achieve it! Yes, the completion date, but also the "step-by-step" dates.

Commit yourself first, then figure out the HOW you're going to get there! (My expertise, just sayin' :)

It's a great time to start thinking about CREATING you!

Love to hear your ideas below!

Sending you an ABUNDANCE of HUGS! Rebecca