Do you ever find you get affected by other people's "stuff"?

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Dear Deepak, I recently read this in a book: 'Only a free person can be a happy person. The amount of happiness that you have depends on the amount of freedom that you have in your heart. Freedom here is not political freedom. Freedom here is freedom from regret, freedom from fear, from anxiety and sorrow. "I have arrived, I am home, in the here, in the now." I am a wife and mother. I can set myself free from the past and future. The difficulty for me is to be happy in the now. 'Now' or 'Here' I want to be happy but I hear my son sighing or I see my cat falling sick or I see my husband stressed out with his job...etc. I cannot help it but to be unhappy! In short, I myself is happy with myself but I am always negatively affected by people and things around me. How do I overcome this problem? Thank you very much for your wise teachings!


Being truly free means you are no longer conditioned by the past memories or future fears. That means you do not interpret the present as unhappy, or wrong or a problem. Having a sick cat doesn’t mean you need to feel unhappy. It is a dear pet that is asking for your help in healing, and giving that can be a positive, life-affirming experience. And having a stressed husband doesn’t mean your present experience can’t be free. It is a call from a loved one who needs your support and compassion in whatever form you have at this moment. It may or may not satisfy his expectations, but you still have the freedom to be and give what you are without becoming unhappy.

Love, Deepak Chopra