Are you a 1, 2, or 3?

People often ask me,  "what do you do for a living", I excitingly tell them "I'm a Life Coach"! I seem to get one of three answers:

1. That's AWESOME!

2. You're what? Pardon?

3. Who really needs a Life Coach?

I love all three responses. But, the latter of the three excite me!  I then get to talk about what I so passionately love to do.

So, here I go ;)

Who really needs a Life Coach?  Simple! Everyone! If you've ever felt stuck, lost, unhappy, in the "Now What" phase, or even just plain-old "comfortable".

The solutions are always inside of us, but sometimes we can't see them or hear them for fear has take over. I help my clients move away from fear and tap into their true, authentic creative self!

Instead of just talking about your desires, wants, dreams and goals, we actually build a framework that assists in clarifying your vision and becoming accountable to act on YOUR choices!  It's a very powerful, fulfilling process!

So, do you now know who needs a Life Coach?

If, you're still wondering then I will ask you this. Are you embracing the life you deserve and truly love?