Create the Life You REALLY Want This Year

I find at this time of the year we either get bombarded by everyone’s “quick fix”, “secret sauce” or “life-altering opportunity” to make you the new you…


...we just go with the flow, without much awareness of how we’re living and whatever happens, happens (YIKES—this is how people live the same year over, and over, and over). 

But what about making life “great” on YOUR terms?

What about making it a life full of authenticity, led by your true desires—not just by hope and luck?!

That’s how I chose to start living 10 years ago when I discovered this personal development world…

...a world that helped me tap into activating my heart, listening to my voice, believing in my intuition, and finding meaning by living with intention and gratitude.

‘But where do I start?’, you may ask...

I’ve got ya covered!

I want to help you start 2019 off in a way that will lead you to the life you truly want this year, so below I’m sharing the exact exercise that I personally use and that I share with my clients!

To really get the benefits of this exercise, I recommend giving yourself a few uninterrupted hours to make the most of this—yes, I say two hours (you wouldn’t build a dream house without reflection, would you?).  

I use this same analogy as I plan my life—I truly am looking for a well-rounded, balanced life! And that’s exactly how I live today as I commit to making this exercise a priority.

So, let’s dive in—first and foremost, you need to take an inventory check of your life today.

It’s time to rate the level of satisfaction in the different areas of your life: your physical environment, your finances, personal growth, health & well-being, your love life, fun & hobbies, career/job, family & friends, etc. Here’s how:   


Download and print out my free resource, the Wheel of Life Assessment.

Then, just before you follow the simple instructions, first journal out the following questions for each area on the Wheel of Assessment:

  • If I had to sum up this last year in 1 word, what would it be? (remember to answer per area on the Wheel of Life)

  • What did I enjoy most this past year? Why? (For each area)

  • What didn’t go so well this past year? (For each area)

  • What characteristics (s) best describes who I was BEing in each area this past year?


Now, rate your level of satisfaction in each area of your life on the Wheel of Life. No overthinking. (See the  instructions on the sheet.)


Now it’s time to focus in on the 3 lowest rated area(s) in your life—OR if you prefer, you can decide to focus in on your top 3 priority areas that fall under a rating of 6.  

Please note: the reason I say to focus in on only three areas is to lessen the chance of feeling chaotic. (We all know what it feels like when we try to make change in every area of our life all at once—aka, overwhelm. So let’s start with 3, and as you start to shift and see changes, you can incorporate other areas.)


Okay, now you have your 3 Focus Areas. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • How can I better embrace the challenge(s) in each of these 3 Focused Areas of my life so the same issues do not hold me back in 2019?

  • Set 3-5 goals/dreams for the 3 Focused Areas—a great question to ask: In an ideal world, how would I like to describe my life (in this 1 area) at the end of 2019?

  • What characteristics (s) do I need to BE in order to achieve what I want in each of my Focus Areas in 2019?

And voila! Here you have it, a well-thought-out plan that’s just for you and all about you!

Now comes the most difficult part—being intentional to implement consistently!

Your final step is to schedule a minimum of 30 minutes to 1-hour of non-negotiable time to work on your goals/dreams weekly (I prefer daily, for better acceleration—the choice is yours).

All I ask is that you be committed to this process...

Commitment and self-integrity are how you’ll make changes in your life. Your actions in life are literally a reflection of who you are.

(Read that 2, 3, 10 times over)!

When you are totally committed to your happiness, to living a heart-lead life full of confidence and courage, you’ll know exactly what you have to do every day.

Cheers to living a courageous life in the year ahead!

Rebecca xx

Pssssst…don’t forget to grab your free copy of the Wheel of Life Assessment! Get it by clicking below.