Discover Your Core Values!

It all starts with Discovering Your Core Values. The simple explanation for why you think a certain way, how you make a decision, how you treat others, what kind of people you hangout with, what kind of jobs you think are good, bad or indifferent, all come down to your Core Values. Your beliefs drive a great deal of what happens in your life. Once you can identify your Core Values you will begin to make decisions that work in harmony with your actions. If you are unclear about your Core Values, then you are unclear about your direction, which could be why you may feel trapped or held back. Here is a list of a few Core Values. Look over the list and pick your top 10. From those 10, select 5. These 5 are truly the most important to you. Go with your first instinct, be honest and don't over think it! 

Adventure, Accountability, Achievement, Authenticity, Balance, Commitment, Compassion, Consistency, Competent, Creativity, Courage, Decisiveness, Effectiveness, Efficiency, Faith, Family, Fitness, Freedom, Happiness, Health, Honesty, Harmony, Integrity, Independence, Influence, Kindness, Leadership, Loyalty, Openness, Organized, Passion, Perfection, Power, Professionalism, Responsibility, Self Control, Self Identity, Simplicity, Structure, Teamwork, Thoughtfulness, Trust, Unity, Wisdom.

 Once you know your Core Values and you begin to get aligned and in tune when making decision/choices, you will be amazed at how peaceful your life will come!

Feel free to contact me, I'd love to share a fun exercise on further discovering your Core Values! 

HUGS on this GREAT day!