Does Less Make Room For More?

Well, here I am sitting back in my office a few days after returning from Paris – truly a spectacular trip!

When I travelled to Paris back in 2009, I went to get clear on my personal life, to further self-develop.  Many amazing transformations have taken place since then. Now returning 4 years later, I gained even more perspective, but this time on the way we live and what matters most….

I am under the impression that “Bigger is Better” in North America. Bigger vehicles, bigger houses, bigger yards, bigger T.Vs, bigger KING size beds, bigger over sized, double door professional fridges, large cubic foot freezers, oversized turbo washer & dryer, “professional” double size 8 burner stove, bigger burgers, bigger fries….I think you get my message!

I realized living in Paris in a newly renovated 500 square foot apartment with all the amenities, including a separate bedroom, a nice size washroom with jet spa shower, a washing machine, nice bright 6ft windows, comfortable size bed for two, a 32” TV, a love seat, an adjustable coffee table, turning into a dinning table, a dishwasher, a simple stove with 3 burners, a 4 ½ ft. fridge with freezer, and all the kitchen amenities required to cook gourmet….makes life much more simple and efficient!

Even a quick “clean up” took us all of 15 minutes and that included a vacuum throughout! With smaller amenities, the French tend to shop daily allowing to pick up fresh foods, less processed, with your choice of at least a dozen selections all within a block – from bakeries, to fromage boutiques, butchers, fish market, and delicatessen..... ohh my I loved this concept of walking 5 minutes to pick up fresh, delicious food. Ohh yes, and speaking of the food, that will be a whole other Blog!

Don’t get me wrong, living in a 500 square foot area with 2 children really could not work, but even if we doubled that size and had all the amenities required, we could most definitely live well! I love luxuries….and I will continue to enjoy my luxuries, but why do we need to go bigger to think we have better? Luxuries can be simple!

In 2014, my goal is to simplify life and focus on efficiencies and what matters the most. I believe less does make room for more….more love, more joy, more happiness, more success, more time, and more freedom to embrace the things that make my heart skip a beat and connect with significant people in my life!   I am blessed to have a partner who too is ready to get back to what really matters the most in life!

We can all create simplicity right where we are, whether we rent or own a downtown loft, a suburban house, a country barn….there is no right or wrong here, it is simply what brings you peace, happiness and freedom in your surroundings!

Do you have the willpower or desire to simplify?

All my best! Hugs on this awesome day!