So What are YOU Grateful for?

Today I reopened my Grateful Journal.... it's so awesome to be reminded of all the things that make life wonderful, even amongst all the busyness in our lives! I believe there is such value in writing your personal thoughts! You begin to become aware of the simple, great things happening in your life and more so, you absolutely begin to notice the reverse self-depicting talks that may potentially be preventing you from envisioning a clear dream or goal! When you feel great about the simple things in life, your mind and heart are more aligned to be open to dream again and to ultimately create that Abundance Within!

I highly recommend you start a Grateful Journal the end of each day (or I actually start my day off by writing about the day before as I am too tired at night), write down 8 things you are grateful for in your life - there is no repeating within the week! Stop and “smell the roses”! Have fun with it, and remember, don’t think too hard…

So here I go, 8 things I am grateful for today, January 16th, 2014:

~I am grateful for my morning power walk with my girlfriend - getting my dose of Vit D from Mr. Golden Sun and hearing the birds chirp in the middle of January in Canada is AWESOME!

~I am grateful for my Coaching Calls this morning! I am so proud of each of my clients as they take small significant steps towards their goal/dream.

~I am grateful for stopping in at my friend's this afternoon and to see all the steps she has taken towards starting her own business! So proud of her!

~I am grateful for NO cavities at the dentist today! (I've been a good girl with flossing too

~I am grateful for both my kid's French tests results! Now they can teach moi

~I am grateful for enjoying a cup of tea after dinner with my love while looking at our Paris pictures from our

~I am grateful to hear my daughter's laughter over the phone while with her friends as she calls me to pick her up from hockey....

~I am grateful for learning today my girlfriend is 16 years cancer free! She is a blessing and an inspiration.

Opps, I have 9 things I am grateful for tonight....I am so grateful for all of YOU.....Thank you for following me! Your comments and feedback on here and Facebook has been such a delight. Please feel free to continue to share my website and FBook page with your friends - the more "Abundance Within" all of us, the better place the world will be! I love hearing from you! Keep in touch!

Bonne Nuit.....Sweet dreams! Rebecca