The Secret to Love

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As I sit here sipping my Early Rise Tea, thanks to my amazing Naturopath, Dr. Val—who is always teaching me how to nurture myself—an extension of loving got me thinking and reflecting on human connection and self-love. How appropriate on this love day, aka, Valentine’s Day!

I recall the awesome feelings of excitement as I was giving and receiving little cut out Valentine cards to my school-aged friends, not even knowing it was an expression of love, friendship and connection.  

Aahhhh, connection, human connection—we live for human connection. We are designed for human connection. Who doesn’t want to feel connected with a spouse, a child, a parent, a colleague, a boss, a friend, the cashier, the neighbour, a mentor, and yes even a stranger?

I love being around amazing people that spark joy and happiness and who add value in my life.

But the problem is, people are often searching for connection externally first, wanting and desiring to be seen, heard, valued, and more so, wanting to find their happiness and feel loved outwardly—which often leads to this roller coaster ride of ups and downs…


Because the truth is, we first have to connect with ourselves before we can authentically connect with others. This, my friends, is the secret to love and human connection.

Eckhart Tolle says it best, “The power of the heart is to be connected with who you are at the deepest level first.”

Human connection and self-love must start internally—being connected with yourself first means being aligned with your passions, your uniqueness, your BEing—knowing, loving and accepting yourself at the core level of your true authentic self.

Once you get this, and truly embrace and love who you are, you will then genuinely open up your heart to express your love, joy and kindness to others. And doing so will undoubtedly fill you up as you create amazing human connections with your kind of peeps. No more searching, and no more validating from the external world.

So, lovely, make a date with you today! No matter where you are in life…single, married, or otherwise, this is about you. Take time sipping your favorite soothing beverage reflecting on all the amazing things about you. Get clear on your innate desires. Define what BEing the best version of you looks like.

The secret to love is to first fall in love with yourself, and the rest will fall (im)perfectly into place as it is meant to be.

Wishing you much love as you connect and discover more of YOU on this Valentine’s day! xo

Rebecca xx