Let's conquer denial now!

Every so often, we are faced with challenges and difficult situations. And sometimes, in spite of the fact that the problem is conspicuous, we refuse to confront it or even deny that there’s even an issue. For instance, you’re slowly losing connection with a special someone, but you’re thinking that this is only a “phase” in your relationship. Another example is unwilling to accept that your business is declining or rejecting the fact that you’re no longer happy with your work, thinking that this is only stress talking...

Have you ever experienced any of these? You are not alone.

Although problems and petty issues are inescapable, we should not consider them as “normal”. Sometimes, we fear the truth. More often than not, we are scared to deal with problems because we think that we’re making them worse. Maybe you’re thinking that confronting your special someone would end up in a bigger argument… Or that facing your business or work problem would make you a “failure”... Well, I sincerely ask you to stop.

Do yourself a favor and live a life without denials because you deserve it. In contrast with what you think, dealing with difficult circumstances early as possible can actually help straighten things out and resolve them before they get worse. The sooner you face your problems, the sooner you’ll find a solution and work things out.

Take action now. Make a list of your “problems” or things that are not working and you want to change. Then make a list of “pros” and “cons” if you may. Then think of ways on how to solve them. Ask questions (lots of them), ask for help, plan, strategize, utilize available resources. Either way, take action now. Face your fear of denial and you’ll thank yourself for doing so.